Pool Enclosure Questions

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Pool Enclosure Questions

pool enclosure


Pool Enclosure Questions

Below are 15 frequently asked questions about Pool Enclosures.

  • What is the average cost pool screen enclosure?

Cost of enclosures varies depending on size, type of material, manufacture and additional functionalities such as HVAC systems.

  • How long can it take to install pool enclosure?

When you hire a professional swimming pool builder, this process should take about 2 days for complete installation.

  • When should I buy a swimming pool screen enclosure?

The appropriate time to buy a swimming pool screen enclosure is basically when the supply is high and the demand is low. You will get incredible discounts. This is normally in the winter months.

·       What are the operational costs of a swimming pool enclosure?

The actual cost of running a swimming pool may vary depending on size. The good thing is, swimming pool enclosures come with zero cost of maintenance. In contrary, it will help cut on chemical, regular pH balance and service (removing dust, tree leaves, grass, insects, etc.) costs.

  • Which environmental conditions affect the performance of my swimming pool enclosure?

Extruded aluminum and polycarbonate are not affected by any environmental condition. Be it rust, fluctuating temperature or moisture.

·       Is it difficult to keep pool screen enclosure clean?

No. A screen pool enclosure will prevent all dirt, insects, tree leaves or UV radiation from reaching the water surface. Your pool enclosure will remain clean at all times.

  • Which materials are best for swimming pool screen enclosure?

Solid polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum rods. They can withstand a weight of 900kg with a 1.5 m radius and a wind speed of 230 km/hr.

  • How long should I expect a pool enclosure to last?

More than 25 years. However, a genuine pool enclosure company should give you a warranty of 15 years. Polycarbonate sheet warranty is important.

  • Does my warranty cover any related customer support?

Pool screen enclosure companies offer a 15 year warranty period. Depending on the terms of the warranty, you may get a free replacement of the enclosure plus full after sales services.

  • How can I tell if my enclosure is of high quality?

Purchase the enclosure from a reputable pool screen enclosure company. A 15 year warranty is a surety that the company trust their product. Request for certificate of quality inspection and verification of both aluminum and polycarbonate sheet.

  • What are the advantages of screen enclosures over other pool covers?
  •    Durable due to both aluminum and polycarbonate materials
  •    Easy to operate – push to open and pull to close
  •    Versatile thus, can be used for all seasons
  •    Guarantee swimming during all seasons – whether summer or winter

·         How can I make my enclosure lively or more interesting?

Consider various pool enclosure lighting ideas. Consider various landscaping techniques. Ensure the pool enclosure matches well with surrounding environment. You can add plants or any decorations that you love.

How can I privacy of my swimming pool?

You may consider tinted polycarbonate sheets. It can be tinted to your specifications and privacy requirements.

  • Which pool enclosure designs should I go for – traditional or modern?

Well, it all depends on what you adore or desire to have. Remember, these products can be customized to meet your unique specifications. You can review various pool screen enclosure design ideas.

  • How does a retractable pool enclosure work?

Retractable pool enclosure has a rail tracking system. The cover is made from aluminum and polycarbonate. Depending on the size of your swimming pool, you may have 3, 4 or even 6.

The covers vary in diameter such that, the first cover at the furthest end of the enclosure has a largest diameter compared to others. The diameter decreases as you move to the opposite end. This makes them to slide over each other, thereby opening or closing the pool depending on the direction of action.

We at Rainbow hope that these questions and answers were helpful to you. Please remember that at Rainbow Rain Gutters we are much more than a gutter company. We have been building great pool enclosures at affordable prices for many years. We are 3 generations deep in helping folks like you in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. We also have recently expanded to the Slidell Louisiana area where my son Stephen is in charge. Please visit our website at www.rainbowraingutters.com to see photos of many  of the awesome jobs we have completed.

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